2015 Youth Team Camp

Saturday July 24th, 2015 at Edmond Memorial High School
Jul 27, 2015



The 2015 Edmond Bulldog Youth Football Association

Team Camp

Saturday July 24th 2015


Saturday July 24th was the second annual EBYFA Team Camp held at Edmond Memorial High School, the camp was held in two parts. The first was the Count On Me program, and then followed by practice on the field. Each player received one on one instruction from the Edmond Memorial Varsity Football Staff. "This is one of the most important things we do all summer," said Head Coach Justin Merideth. "These youth football players are the future of our program, and it is amazing to see the number of youth players, coaches, and parents that are here to learn more about football. I love the passion and excitement that they have. I am very excited about the future of Edmond Memorial Football."


The camp started with the Count On Me program. Coach Harland Warrior put together a great program not only for the players, but also for the parents. "We want everyone involved with EBYFA to know the high standard that we hold our players to here at EMHS, and we want them to have that same high standard." Said Coach Warrior


The first speaker was former Bulldog Jake Mammen. Jake was a three year starter and Defensive captain for the Bulldogs. Jake spoke on overcoming adversity and how to be a Count On Me player. Coach Merideth said, "Jake is the definition of what we call a Count On Me individual." Jake had three torn ACL's during his years as a Bulldog, but that never stopped him. He was able to come back after every one of his surgeries. "It was great to have Jake back to speak." Said Coach Merideth. "He is the perfect example of the high standards we expect from our players."



The next speaker was Offensive Line Coach/Technology Coordinator Chris Malone. Coach Malone spent 14 years in the military and served two tours in Iraq. Coach Malone spoke on how football prepared him to go fight for our country, and how that relates to being a Count On Me Individual.



To close out the Count On Me program, Justin Merideth spoke on what it takes to be a Count On Me Individual.



Then it was time to take the field!



Offensive Line coaches Ryan McCaul  and Chris Malone lead the youth Offensive Lineman through Individual drills.



At that same time there were individual drills going on for every position. Here is some running backs going through drills.



Defensive Line Coach Luke Orvis leads youth Defensive Lineman through drills.



Head Coach/Linebackers Coach Justin Merideth shows some players basic Linebacker technique.



Defensive Coordinator Coach Scott Macdonald leads the defensive back drills.



"The camp was a great experience for our coaches and players." Said Coach Merideth. "We hope that they learned a lot from this camp. We look forward to being at their games through out the season, and we hope to see them at ours. The future looks very bright for our program."

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